CRM Changes AMS Scope


The adoption and implementation of the new customer relations management (CRM) in MBPhil will ensure high satisfaction and effective solution delivery experience to client banks who are enrolled in the company’s Annual Maintenance Service (AMS). Managed by dedicated and knowledgeable help desk personnel who are technically trained to provide first level support, the CRM is a major tool to provide effective just-in-time service, fixes, updates and patches to everyday banking operations using internet facility and latest software technology.

Since it was implemented in the final quarter of 2013, CRM is a guaranteed platform to record, mark, underscore and reclassify system fixes, errors, user assistance and updates on a daily basis to remove costly delays in trouble shooting and assistance requests.

It stores historical customer profiles and useful information to understand and anticipate customer needs, hence making it more efficient to support clients to improve profits and market shares in their respective banking operations.