MBPhil Gets a New Logo


Despite the overwhelming proliferation of core banking system providers, MBPhil is not leaving the spotlight. The new logo can attest to that.

While the new corporate identity marks a new chapter for MBPhil, it is an indication that the company has new products and services to offer, and that a cultural shift is underway. For almost two decades, MBPhil has shown dependability and strength, providing incredible core banking software for rural banks, supporting them by way of email, chat and remote access. But now MBPhil is aiming for higher ground. It wishes to move rural bankers upward, thus the stair-like shape in the logo design supported underneath by what seems to be inverted steps.The new logo in fact is a combination of power and passionate response, the blue and the red respectively. Leadership, personal change, and focused sustainability are just some of the areas where changes are expected to take place.

It may be safe to say that the company now works not just because of market opportunity, but it also works on purpose. Today we don’t just find answers. We nurture our minds as well with questions that will change our lives and our clients’.