Eating Healthy While in Lockdown



Being quarantined is the best time to be conscious of your diet. To protect yourself from being sick, you must follow a healthy food regimen.

• Plan Meals in Advance.
Planning meals in advance means preventing waste.

• Ensure You’re Getting a Wide Range of Nutrients.
Three nutrients that help to support your immune system — vitamin A (found in sweet potato and spinach), vitamin C (found     in berries, tomatoes & peppers) and zinc (found in meat, dairy and bread)

• Keep Healthy Snacks Around.
It will ensure you don’t give in to slight, sudden hunger.

• Consume Oily Fish.
It can improve your mental wellbeing.

• Hydrate.
Drinking sufficient amount of fluid can help you feel at your best.

• Set Meal Times.
This will keep you from unnecessary snacking.