Sit Less Move More



An inactive way of life can twofold your danger of creating diabetes and increment your hazard for coronary illness, heftiness, and disease. An excess of sitting can even diminish your future by as long as two years. Utilize the tips in this infographic to fit greater movement into your bustling day.

• 640 Muscles. The human body is made to move. Why else would we have  640 muscles? But many people spend so much of their  time sitting.

• Move. Get moving during commercials. Use those breaks to lift dumbbells, use stretching resistance bands, or pace around the room.

• Alarm. Set an activity alarm. If you’re parked at a desk all day for work, set an hourly alarm on your phone pr computer. When it goes off, go for a three-minute walk.

• TV Time. Limit your tube time. Set a daily limit on hours spent in front of the TV. Use that extra time to walk around the house.