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Trainings to Help You Get Ahead


MBPhil Training Academy, a training unit of MBPhil, will be offering key training courses designed to improve knowledge and human resource productivity and enhance personal careers in various specializations on banking and finance. Specialists in IT, accounting and audit, compliance and banking practitioners are selected to conduct the training topics in their respective expertise.

MBPhil HR Consultant Mr. Dennis A. Antenor said that the following seminars will be made available to client banks, rural bank officers and personnel. Available seminars:

• MB System Training for Accountants
• MB System Training for Microfinance Officers
• MB System Training for Auditors
• MB System Training for Compliance Officers
• MB System Training for Loan Officers
• MB System Training for IT Officers
• Introduction to IT Risk Management

MBPhil’s Business Relationship Division Manager Mr. Carlos Alipio D. Rivera also announced that special and customized training sessions can be held at the client bank’s office premises for those who are enrolled in MBPhil’s Annual Maintenance Service ( AMS). AMS enables banks to avail of important software maintenance support for a year round IT software operations and applications.

For more details, please call Ms. Venus Escueta dial 895-8186 or 895-8635 or email at


BSP Memo 012 Series of 2014: MBv8 and MBWin to Replace MBXZ


Banks and financial institutions were advised by the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas to transfer to other core banking systems that are not running on Windows XP. BSP Memorandum No. 012 Series of 2014 entitled Obsolescence of Information Assets was issued on March 11, 2014, informing all its bank and supervised institutions (BSI) about Microsoft’s 2012 announcement ending its support for Windows XP. Due to the technical obsolescence and lack of developer support in Windows XP, BSP is encouraging BSIs to acquire new IT systems to comply with operational risk governance.

According to BSP, about 20% of the installed PC operating systems in the Philippines are Windows XP. Although this is not specific to the local banking industry, it is expected that companies running the application are exposed to higher security vulnerabilities that may cause threats to business data and information integrity.

In this regard, MBPhil wishes to announce to all its banking clients that the MBXZ hinges on Windows XP. Thus, MBPhil recommends to all MBXZ users to move to MBv8 and MBWin core banking systems which both run on Windows 7 and 8. These IT systems are available on consolidated or modular basis, and are fully compliant to BSP Memorandum No. 012 as well as to reportorial requirements including FRP version 9.1

MBv8 & MBWin Free from Heartbleed


Rural banks using MBv8 and MBWin should not worry about heartbleed, a security bug that threatens all open-source OpenSSL IT systems. Web based IT systems often use open source commercial development models making them available to the public internet access and its accompanying security challenges.

Because MB systems do not use OpenSSL for encryption of data, MBv8 and MBWin are safe from this vulnerability.

Public emails, however, may encounter data breach because day-to-day exchanges are usually carried out by email in the internet. In order to prevent hackers from stealing personal information, strong passwords should be used and changed regularly.