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MBPhil Strengthens International Ties


Banks and credit unions are dominant financial conduits of banking and credit facilities for farmers, fishermen, small business and traders in the Pacific and Oceania island states of Micronesia.

The Mesenieng Credit Union (MCU), the largest credit union in the island state of Pohnpei, Federated States of Micronesia, signed a contract with MB Philippines for accounting system and bank reconciliation module which are integrated into the core banking software MBv8 last May 2014. This is not the first time for the two parties to work together.

The MBv8 system being used by MCU was purchased from MBPhil in 2009. The software is supported and updated regularly by competent MBPhil experts to meet the demands of MCU members.

The two modules were completed in September and installed in August, 2014 to run in the MBv8 system as an integrated financial software to enhance the cooperative’s institutional capacity benefiting its growing members in Kolonia and other areas of Pohnpei, FSM.

The project is now completed and runs as a model for other banking and financial institutions that would require system integration and software customization which benefits credit union members in Pohnpei, FSM.


Benefits of Central Liability Ledger Module


We scramble our daily data, figure out reports that are not matched or balanced and most of the time we become panicky when BSP auditor comes into our doors.

Most of the time, this happens because reports are done manually. Balancing of reports becomes an acrobatic balancing act, a bad experience for sure.

MB Philippines is always dedicated to providing rural banks with efficient core banking systems. In its almost twenty years of existence, MBPhil has never been as excited we are now about introducing the Central Liability Ledger Module for both MBv8 and MBWin. As far as our growing CLL users are concerned, the CLL module can achieve maximum productivity. The Monitoring of large exposures and credit risk concentrations to comply with MORB has never been this easy. Likewise, the Loan officer can now see all the credit history and outstanding loan accounts of a particular client. During loan application process, the bank staff can now search the customer’s name from the CLL program to inquire whether he or she has an existing loan, payment trackrecord, negative listings and how much the loan is. In doing so, the bank can easily manage the risk exposure for a particular client. These are just some of the benefits that the new product offers. As a rural banker, you’d want to have the following features in your system, whether it’s MBv8 or MBWin:

For MBv8
• On-screen Display of Related Loan Account Information and Loan History
• Loan Account Report with Co-maker Information
• Top Borrowers Report
• On-screen Display of Related Savings Information and Closed Account History
• Relationship with Other Clients

For MBWin
• Deposit accounts across all branches
• Loan accounts across all branches
• Deposit accounts where the customer is a co-owner
• Loan accounts where the customer is a co-maker
• Client summary report

You think these are essential? We think so too. We know that in this fast-paced world people need to keep up with the demands of the market. False information about the borrower could be millions of money wasted. But if you invest in our Central Liability Ledger Module the risk will be controlled thus you keep your bank running smoothly.


CRM Changes AMS Scope


The adoption and implementation of the new customer relations management (CRM) in MBPhil will ensure high satisfaction and effective solution delivery experience to client banks who are enrolled in the company’s Annual Maintenance Service (AMS). Managed by dedicated and knowledgeable help desk personnel who are technically trained to provide first level support, the CRM is a major tool to provide effective just-in-time service, fixes, updates and patches to everyday banking operations using internet facility and latest software technology.

Since it was implemented in the final quarter of 2013, CRM is a guaranteed platform to record, mark, underscore and reclassify system fixes, errors, user assistance and updates on a daily basis to remove costly delays in trouble shooting and assistance requests.

It stores historical customer profiles and useful information to understand and anticipate customer needs, hence making it more efficient to support clients to improve profits and market shares in their respective banking operations.


MBPhil Gets a New Logo


Despite the overwhelming proliferation of core banking system providers, MBPhil is not leaving the spotlight. The new logo can attest to that.

While the new corporate identity marks a new chapter for MBPhil, it is an indication that the company has new products and services to offer, and that a cultural shift is underway. For almost two decades, MBPhil has shown dependability and strength, providing incredible core banking software for rural banks, supporting them by way of email, chat and remote access. But now MBPhil is aiming for higher ground. It wishes to move rural bankers upward, thus the stair-like shape in the logo design supported underneath by what seems to be inverted steps.The new logo in fact is a combination of power and passionate response, the blue and the red respectively. Leadership, personal change, and focused sustainability are just some of the areas where changes are expected to take place.

It may be safe to say that the company now works not just because of market opportunity, but it also works on purpose. Today we don’t just find answers. We nurture our minds as well with questions that will change our lives and our clients’.


MBPhil Joins Misys Asia Market Forum


The 2014 Misys Asia Market Forum, described as the biggest market event among Asia Pacific financial sector community leaders, was held in Grand Hyatt, Bali, Indonesia last March 16-18. The forum touched on enabling strategies to address the dynamic regulatory and business challenges faced by global financial and business enterprises in Asia, Europe and America.

Asian market was defined as the central driver of global growth in the next decade, and renowned speakers focused around key essential business topics to support opportunities in APAC. Risk intelligence, regulatory compliance, digital developments, core banking and transaction banking, and decision support management were hot topics that gathered around the predominant market directions towards wider applications of cloud computing, mobile devises and web based core banking.

It is obvious that financial services at the moment are having issues with various industry areas. So to deal with them, the participants discussed topics such as, Strengthening Liquidity, Funding Risk and Profitability with Dynamic ALM (by David Rowe and Fabrice Rault), Unlocking Intelligence in Banking Services with Banking Analytics (by Cormac Flanagan), Transparency in Risk and Performance (by Christophe de la Bastide and Julie Barthes), and Consistent Pricing and Analytics (by Chirine Benzaied and Tut Fung).

MBPhil, Inc., represented by President Senen D. Glorioso, attended the Asia Market Forum as an invited Philippine partner of Misys. Mysis ranks among the top 50 world software providers.

Quoting President Glorioso: Misys’ Asia Market Forum was an enriching experience attended by 200 delegates from various regional and global financial institutions, banks, executives, and partners sharing views, experiences and challenges on Asian market opportunities and global growth concerns for today’s financial enterprises. MBPhil is proud to be counted in the ranks of regional and global software entities as we enter the forthcoming ASIAN integration, bringing wider perspective and capability to MBPhil management through networking and alliances which will boost the benefits to its clients and stakeholders.


Trainings to Help You Get Ahead


MBPhil Training Academy, a training unit of MBPhil, will be offering key training courses designed to improve knowledge and human resource productivity and enhance personal careers in various specializations on banking and finance. Specialists in IT, accounting and audit, compliance and banking practitioners are selected to conduct the training topics in their respective expertise.

MBPhil HR Consultant Mr. Dennis A. Antenor said that the following seminars will be made available to client banks, rural bank officers and personnel. Available seminars:

• MB System Training for Accountants
• MB System Training for Microfinance Officers
• MB System Training for Auditors
• MB System Training for Compliance Officers
• MB System Training for Loan Officers
• MB System Training for IT Officers
• Introduction to IT Risk Management

MBPhil’s Business Relationship Division Manager Mr. Carlos Alipio D. Rivera also announced that special and customized training sessions can be held at the client bank’s office premises for those who are enrolled in MBPhil’s Annual Maintenance Service ( AMS). AMS enables banks to avail of important software maintenance support for a year round IT software operations and applications.

For more details, please call Ms. Venus Escueta dial 895-8186 or 895-8635 or email at


BSP Memo 012 Series of 2014: MBv8 and MBWin to Replace MBXZ


Banks and financial institutions were advised by the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas to transfer to other core banking systems that are not running on Windows XP. BSP Memorandum No. 012 Series of 2014 entitled Obsolescence of Information Assets was issued on March 11, 2014, informing all its bank and supervised institutions (BSI) about Microsoft’s 2012 announcement ending its support for Windows XP. Due to the technical obsolescence and lack of developer support in Windows XP, BSP is encouraging BSIs to acquire new IT systems to comply with operational risk governance.

According to BSP, about 20% of the installed PC operating systems in the Philippines are Windows XP. Although this is not specific to the local banking industry, it is expected that companies running the application are exposed to higher security vulnerabilities that may cause threats to business data and information integrity.

In this regard, MBPhil wishes to announce to all its banking clients that the MBXZ hinges on Windows XP. Thus, MBPhil recommends to all MBXZ users to move to MBv8 and MBWin core banking systems which both run on Windows 7 and 8. These IT systems are available on consolidated or modular basis, and are fully compliant to BSP Memorandum No. 012 as well as to reportorial requirements including FRP version 9.1

MBv8 & MBWin Free from Heartbleed


Rural banks using MBv8 and MBWin should not worry about heartbleed, a security bug that threatens all open-source OpenSSL IT systems. Web based IT systems often use open source commercial development models making them available to the public internet access and its accompanying security challenges.

Because MB systems do not use OpenSSL for encryption of data, MBv8 and MBWin are safe from this vulnerability.

Public emails, however, may encounter data breach because day-to-day exchanges are usually carried out by email in the internet. In order to prevent hackers from stealing personal information, strong passwords should be used and changed regularly.