Six Features of Express-O That Will Make You Interested

Express-O utilizes cloud computing based technologies

Express-O utilizes cloud computing based technologies

Level-up your banking operations with an enabler and smarter Core Banking Solution.

Like it or not, bank customers expect their service providers to keep the same pace as that of leading technology companies like Apple and Amazon, whose services are undeniably scaled-up and more personalized, thereby making a great  impact in their customers lives. If banks, especially those who have multiple branches, embrace the new paradigm of banking technology; banks will be able to operate accurately and efficiently.

Banking is a customer experience business. That’s one part physical, one part digital. One way to achieve the digital part is by utilizing cloud-computing-based technologies, in which Express-O takes pride.

Express-O is an online web-based application that uses cloud-based technologies to perform banking functions like deposit, loans, tellering and general ledger.

To understand better how Express-O works, here are some of its features:

Cloud-Based Technology

Express-O takes advantage of internet technologies to deliver core banking services, which means all transactions are centrally managed. Thus, increases the output of your bank and your profitability.

Regulatory Compliant

The core banking system adheres to the BSP, PDIC and AMLA regulations. MBPhil continues to support our clients by updating Express-O’s compliance system as regularly released by the regulatory bodies.

User Friendly

Because the user interface of Express-O is easy to use and understand, training, implementation and operating Express-O system will be faster, increasing your banks successful transactions daily.    

Tool for Audit

The audit feature in Express-O is designed to deliver high precision and integrity of reports for the auditors, making audit cycles stress-free. Auditors may design their own forms as they see fit to better regulate banking operations.

Tool for Reports

Aside from regulatory reports, Express-O enables you to generate non-regulatory reports like audit, operational and MIS. All these reports can be used for making both small and big decisions in the company.

Adaptive to Market Needs

With the Product Designer Feature, Express-O empowers the user to meet the demands of the industry when it comes to financial product life cycle management.