Behold Our Breakthrough Product: MBWin

Business-Review-TeamMBWin is known to be customizable, enabling banks to choose from a wide range of options to suit their specific needs.

To provide its client with up-to-date technology, MB Philippines Inc. releases its most satisfying microbanker product, the MBWIN. This highly unique and exceptional product is based on a Microsoft operating system.

MBWin was developed in 1999 by the collaborative efforts of the UN Food and Agriculture (FAO) and The German Technical Cooperation (GIZ).This product is developed for a wide range of banks and financial institutions such as rural banks, thrift banks, finance corporations, credit cooperatives, microfinance institutions and non-government organizations. MBWIN has two versions, the online branch for smaller banks and the centralized database that requires a more advanced technology made for bigger banking institutions. It is modular in terms of applications and functionality.

MBWIN has modules for current accounts, savings accounts, time deposits, loan accounts that can interface with the general ledger module and the customer information module. This system is proven to be strong, reliable and integrated. It comprehensively provides information on corporate and/or individual customers. MBWin uses the classic windows menu making it more accessible and user-friendly, not only that, it also has a set of speed buttons for quick access to the most common functions. MB Philippines Inc. knows that there are different requirements for every banking institution that is why the new product of MB Philippines Inc. is known to be customizable, enabling a bank to choose from a wide range of options to suit their specific and targeted operational needs.

Its predecessor was developed and enhanced to produce a more user-friendly and helpful product. Definitely, this new release will provide every banking institution a simple yet inevitably useful and functional product that they all need and want.

Below are the top features of MBWin:

Central Liability

This module is designed to consolidate all customer accounts into one data base to aid the bank in determining large credit risk exposure.

Customer Module

This module can handle extensive customer information including account and loan history. It also keeps information related to the account like guarantors, signatories and relationships between other customers.

Periodic Operations

MBWin facilitates periodic transactions such as interest accrual, report printing, processing of standing orders using the concept of cyclic phases: End-Of-Day, Start-of-Day, End-of-Month and End-of-Year.

Multi Currency

MBWin provides a unique feature that allows the customer to do transactions in different currencies. Balance Sheet, Income Statement and Trial Balance can be printed out according to the selected currency.


The days of not being able to collect the prinicpal and interest on the borrower’s credit is a thing of the past. This component of MBWin SP will generate reports on the borrowers who are not paying off.

Loan Pricing

We are making lending rates easier to understand by coming out with this feature. For the borrowers, this means they will see how the whole thing is being computed–charges, net proceeds and all.

Modules Available in MBWin SP

1 Customer Information

2 Savings Account

3 Time Deposit Account

4 Special Savings Account

5 Loans

6 Microfinance

7 ATM Connectivity

8 General Ledger

9 Centralized LiabilityLedger

10 Multi-Branch

11 BSP Compliance

12 Current Account

MBWin SP Can Save Your Bank From Large Credit Exposure


Every banking business is filled with risks. As part of management, bankers should be aware of the possibility that something bad is going to happen and the cost of that occurrence is high.

We all know that it is dangerous when clients give too much money to banks or that banks fund big loans to a few clients. There is, however, nothing to fear.

MBWin Super Plus, a new product of MBPhil, boasts of a reliable Central Liability Module. It is a timely response not just to modern-day competition but also to regulations issued by Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas. It enables the user to put all the accounts in one place so that monitoring and controlling for large exposure is easy.

Recent events tell us that there was an obvious risk management failure in some local rural banks as they closed down. While risk management is indeed a huge area of banking, it is wise to invest in a banking system that can help bankers review important clients regularly. With MBWin SP’s Central Liability Module, large credit exposure is no longer a problem. This is probably the most sensible feature of a banking system to have in times like these.