Why You Should Enroll in Annual Maintenance Subscription Program


Ever had problems with your system and can’t seem to find a solution? MB Philippines Inc. offers a maintenance program to keep your bank problem-free.

We at MB Philippines Inc. only want the best for your banking institution that is why we created the annual maintenance subscription program. This program is specifically designed to provide continuous technological and operational support to our clients.

By enrolling in our program, your bank is given the highest priority in terms of support services. We have over thrity friendly and good-natured support personnel across the Philippines, all trained to give your bank the assistance it deserves. The AMS program covers a period of one year and under this, your bank is entitled to unlimited support from our field and office based personnel may it be via e-mail, fax, telephone call or through any efficient means of communication. Also, your bank will be supported with installations of FRP and other BSP reports, onsite support for problems that can’t be resolved over the phone, assist in problems encountered while using the MB software. We will also provide parameterization amendments to the system, quarterly visits to check on the systems’ effective performance, virus check-up, refreshing of back up database files, re-indexing, validity and correctness of reports (GL balances, SL balances, etc)
and the validation of the effectiveness of systems backup as well as data backup. Giving the best service is not the only advantage MB Philippines has among others, we also see to it that a quick response is given to our clients. We provide immediate assistance through phone conversation, if on-site troubleshooting is required, MB Philippines will respond within the day or the day after receiving the call. Aside from these, your bank will also be given other benefits such as discounts on upgrades, for MBv8 users, your bank will be free from charge to system updates which may include new system features, new reports, and corrections to reported problems. With the AMS program your bank is free from being charged the P6,000/hour maintenance fee and your bank is rest assured to get discounted pricing packages without scaling back on any of the services that we provide.

Our Support Services


Software Support (AMS)

It is an annual service agreement wherein enrolled users are entitled to services such as remote user support via phone, systems updates and quarterly visits to check on the system.


Network Support

MBPhil provides Local Area Network (LAN) installation and configuration of Microsoft Windows operating systems to be used in the MicroBanker environment.



Although the user interface of our business applications is downright user-friendly and manuals are provided to clients, we still offer various training programs to facilitate learning.

Even When You’re Miles Away Our Support Group Will Do The Work

Yes that’s right, the MBPhil Business Review Team doesn’t mind going the distance just to give you a hand, especially when you run into some serious core banking problems. You are the reason why there is Annual Maintenance Subscription Program at MB Philippines, Inc.  This is intended for our clients who need technological and operational support all year round. It should be understood that technology sometimes misbehaves, no matter how advanced it is.  But you could put your worries in a box and forget about them.  Our AMS program places you at the top of our priority list when you register for it.
You can always depend on our support personnel. They are all well-trained to identify and sort out issues that concern you; and they all give unlimited support in three ways – One, by using remote desktop connection, wherein our agents take remote control of end-user devices to deal with the problem. Two, through telephone, which is usually described as technical support on a personal level. And three, if it’s too difficult a problem to handle on telephone, by paying a visit to the client. While technical assistance is indeed excellent at MBPhil, it is not limited to the above-mentioned services.
When you subscribe to AMS you are entitled to get reports as mandated by the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas at no cost. As we all know every once in a while BSP requires various reports from rural banks. But this should not be a problem as long as you are enrolled in our AMS program, because the plan gives you the right to get installations of mandated reports for free. AMS is certainly a worthy package. It also includes parameterization amendments to the system, quarterly visits to check on the system’s effective performance, virus check up, refreshing of back-up database files, and re-indexing.