Quaratine Games Your Family Will Love




The coronavirus will give you a great deal of time to consider your home stylistic theme, and our master plan experts are accessible to answer the entirety of your furnishings and inside structure questions.

Be that as it may, we understand looking for furniture may not keep your whole family engaged.

Here are fun isolate games your family will cherish playing together.


• Balloon Tennis. You will need a rope or string to serve as the net. Teams of one, two, or more will set up on each side of the net and hit the balloon back and forth. Players need to volley the balloon without letting it hit the ground.

• Indoor Bowling. Gather empty water bottles, plastic cups, etc to set up as bowling pins and find a level space. Use a small ball (preferably foam) to serve as your indoor bowling ball. You can play in teams to see which team wins.

• Board Games. Board games are classic family favorites that are even better when your crew grows tired of watching TV. Here are some of the games that you can play: Blokus, Monopoly, Sorry, Polyanna, Pictionary, Chutes & Ladders.

• Sardines. This game starts with only one person hiding while everyone else does the seeking. Seekers must split up then the first one to find the hider has to join them in their hiding spot.The last seeker to find the hiding spot becomes the hider in the next round.



Sit Less Move More



An inactive way of life can twofold your danger of creating diabetes and increment your hazard for coronary illness, heftiness, and disease. An excess of sitting can even diminish your future by as long as two years. Utilize the tips in this infographic to fit greater movement into your bustling day.

• 640 Muscles. The human body is made to move. Why else would we have  640 muscles? But many people spend so much of their  time sitting.

• Move. Get moving during commercials. Use those breaks to lift dumbbells, use stretching resistance bands, or pace around the room.

• Alarm. Set an activity alarm. If you’re parked at a desk all day for work, set an hourly alarm on your phone pr computer. When it goes off, go for a three-minute walk.

• TV Time. Limit your tube time. Set a daily limit on hours spent in front of the TV. Use that extra time to walk around the house.



Work from Home Tips & Tricks




Amidst the new coronavirus pandemic, numerous organizations are executing intentional or required work-from-home strategies. That implies loads of us are managing an uncommon test: telecommuting just because, full-time.

Regardless of whether you’ve done it previously, telecommuting on account of coronavirus may feel like a totally different world: It’s most likely abrupt. It may be for an all-encompassing timeframe instead of a day to a great extent (and you’re not in any way sure to what extent it’ll last). Your entire organization is included. What’s more, you can’t really associate face to face outside of work.

These tips will assist you with ensuring that you’re effective, both at completing your work and at keeping up your psychological prosperity:

• Have a dedicated space.

• Use efficient telecommuting tools.

• Find a colleague that you can chat with.

• Have a plan.

Eating Healthy While in Lockdown



Being quarantined is the best time to be conscious of your diet. To protect yourself from being sick, you must follow a healthy food regimen.

• Plan Meals in Advance.
Planning meals in advance means preventing waste.

• Ensure You’re Getting a Wide Range of Nutrients.
Three nutrients that help to support your immune system — vitamin A (found in sweet potato and spinach), vitamin C (found     in berries, tomatoes & peppers) and zinc (found in meat, dairy and bread)

• Keep Healthy Snacks Around.
It will ensure you don’t give in to slight, sudden hunger.

• Consume Oily Fish.
It can improve your mental wellbeing.

• Hydrate.
Drinking sufficient amount of fluid can help you feel at your best.

• Set Meal Times.
This will keep you from unnecessary snacking.


A New Class of Cloud-Based Core Banking Solution Launched


Responding to the needs of the Rural, Thrift and Savings Banks arising from the ever changing BSP regulatory requirements and cost of Internationally developed software, MB Philippines, Inc developed a future-proof core banking solution with the vision to advance the future of simple, Consumer-based and SME banking.  With the 25 years of experience in the banking software development, MB Philippines with its Chairman and President, Mr. Senen D. Glorioso, also a past president of Rural Bankers Association of the Philippines (RBAP), engaged into the expertise of University of the Philippines Systems Information Technogy Foundation (UPSITF), created the highly scalable, future-proof, compliant, cloud-based centralized core banking software they branded as MB Express-O to deliver fast and efficient banking operations to the banking industry.

From Far Right: Mr. Andress Panganiban, Chairman and Mr. Abundio Quililan, President of New Rural Bank of San Leonardo Nueva Ecija, Mr. Senen D. Glorioso, Chairman & President of MB Philippines and Mr. Edwin Fojas, President of Bangko Mabuhay of Tanza, Cavite.

From Far Right: Mr. Andress Panganiban, Chairman and Mr. Abundio Quililan, President of New Rural Bank of San Leonardo Nueva Ecija, Mr. Senen D. Glorioso, Chairman & President of MB Philippines and Mr. Edwin Fojas, President of Bangko Mabuhay of Tanza, Cavite.

MB Express-O meets the international banking standards of today for the future with the price that’s affordable and flexible taking into consideration the value for money for its local customers. With its very intuitive easy to use user interface, banking experience will be as easy as logging to your favorite social media sites.  The system copes with market demand and network connectivity thus, reports and approvals will be in real-time.

MB Philippines, Inc is now working with the Rural Banks Executives from Banko Mabuhay in Tanza Cavite and New Rural Bank of San Leonardo in Nueva Ecija after the contract signing that happened during the May 19,2015 launch of MB Express-O at  EDSA Shangrila Plaza Hotel.

MBv8 is proven to be one of the most sought after products in the banking industry today.

New Work Unit for Annual Maintenance Subscribers

Good news for Annual Maintenance Subscribers!

A new work unit called Help desk Center was set up to handle questions, suggestions or complaints about our services and requests for maintenance, installation or customization.  Together with this new work unit comes the appointment of a Help desk Analyst in the person of Ms. Myla “Mai-Mai” Arboleda, who is now ready to answer client’s concerns about system installation or software maintenance in their bank.

You may email Miss Ma-Mai at mrarboleda@mbphil.com or at mbphil.helpdesk@gmail.com or call her directly at (0917) 862-4401 or at 895-8186 loc. 105. All your concerns will be logged and followed up by Mai-Mai with the concerned department until these are resolved. While your concern is being addressed and worked on, you will be receiving updates from time to time. The last call or email you will receive from Mai-Mai is to check whether you are satisfied with the solution that MBPhil has provided.

With this latest addition to our list of banking solutions, it is expected that AMS clients will be delighted.


MBPhil Ushering 2015 with a Breakthrough


The MBPhil Board of Directors foresees an exciting year ahead with the addition of their new highly-scalable core banking system that will boost the company’s product offering not just in the Philippines but also in other countries in Asia Pacific.

The two-day company planning at the Oasis Resort Hotel in Tanza Cavite on December 5 and 6, 2014 geared up a very high spirit for MBPhil BOD and staff awaiting for the birth of a bigger and better core banking system that will set a high standard in the local banking operations.

Scheduled to come out on the market in the second quarter of 2015, the new core banking system is designed with excellent technology framework – web based, flexible, highly scalable and fully integrated.

For more news and updates, please log on to www.mbphil.com


A Glimpse of the Future-proof MBPhil Software


As Rural Bankers Association of the Philippines (RBAP) held its 57th Charter Anniversary Symposium last November 10 & 11 at the SMX Convention Center, MB Philippines, an active sponsor for the event, shared with clients a glimpse into what their new core banking system has to offer.

Next year, 2015, MBPhil will be busy putting its third product on the market, a new web based and centralized core banking system for banking and financial clients. It is designed to achieve maximum performance with is superb scalability features while being fully compliant with the regulatory and reportorial requirements.

In the same way, MB Phil introduced the new core banking system during the Mindanao Credit Conference on October 2014 at Phela Grande Hotel in General Santos City, where many got interested and signed the letter of intent to purchase the new software once it’s out in the market.

The RBAP symposium attracted more than 200 rural banks from all over the country. The majority of them came to MBPhil booth for brochures, giveaway items and a little chat with the staff namely: Marketing Consultant Myrel de Castro, Account Generation Officer Venus Escueta and BRT Specialist Nemuel Tanutan.