Indeed Express-O has totally made an incredible change in our loan management, transactions processing and financial reporting. Our needs were satisfied and I also would like to commend the technical support team (headed by Mr. Carlos Rivera and Mr. Aris Naguit) who had always provided us with the best solutions possible for any operational concerns and modifications we requested in a timely manner. Kudos to MB Philippines and I am likewise grateful for your team did not fail to deliver the expectations that I presented to our Board and Stockholders in choosing you as our service provider (Express-O). In behalf of Ajejdrikdrik Incorporated – Kommol Tata! (Thank you so much!)


Harold Ian B. de la Torre
General Manager
Ajejdrikdrik Incorporated
Majuro, Marshall Islands 96960



The MBWin Core Banking Solutions is known for its superb modules for Current Accounts, Savings Accounts, Time Deposits, Share Accounts, Loan Accounts, ATM transactions and Fingerprint Capture. Its excellent performance in banking makes it all worthwhile to know about its features. Learn more about MBWin.


MBv8 is a breakthrough technology customized exclusively for small and midsized financial institutions in the Philippines. It inherits all the high-quality features of its MicroBanker predecessor, the MBXZ, while moving up to a more powerful Windows environment. Learn more about MBv8.


The Express-O integrated core banking system is an online web based application developed using cloud computing based technologies that performs core banking functions like deposits, loans, tellering and general ledger. Learn more about Express-O.

MBv8 Features

Regulatory Compliance Reporting

Writing banking reports can be an overwhelming task. But it’s not something you should worry about. This feature helps you generate banking reports with great speed on a daily basis.

Interbranch Transaction

Transactions among branches are now easily carried out through internet. Now you don’t have to worry about the delay. With I.T.S. you can say hello to convenience rural banking.

aCON (ATM Connectivity)

ACon is an affordable solution for financial institutions that aim for convenience banking without the high cost of setting up commercial Automated Teller Machine (ATM) networks.

Centralized Check Clearing

MBv8 is made even better with C3M or the Check Clearing Module. It is designed to speed up the process of determining whether the check is good or not.


Modern banking systems play an important role in growth of the industry.

Modern core banking systems play an important role in growth of the industry.

In the banking sector, we cannot argue that technology is not merely a mode of automating processes. It has made banking products & services affordable and accessible; concurrently ensuring practicality and profitability due to the processes of customization leading to improve operating margins. It allows transactions to take place faster and reduces costs. Several advantages have been cited with technology use. It enhances choices, creates new markets, improves productivity, gives customer satisfaction and has a multiplier effect.  Technology has become a speeding light which has the ability to penetrate the banking services and products to large sections of the excluded society by bringing them into the formal financial system in the most cost effective manner. The emergence of core banking technology enables banks and other financial institutions to create better market infrastructure and to implement reliable techniques for risk control. This technology now helps the banking sector experience transformational growth as it opens faster transactions, efficient delivery channels and creates accurate government mandated reports.The effectiveness of technology leads the banking industry to deal positively with the challenges of the new economy.

The core banking solution like MBV8 enables banks to extend the full benefits of inter-branch transaction processing, integrated deposits, loans & GL modules, centralized customer information, excellent security features, ATM interface and mobile banking.

The clients can benefit from this system because it will assist them to access their accounts from any branch, anywhere, irrespective of where they have physically opened their accounts. Technology in the banking sector is both employee and customer friendly. It is easier for them to comply on the regulation and policy efficiently while providing the best service to their customers.

MBWin Features


MBWin provides a unique feature that allows the customer to do transactions in different currencies. Balance Sheet, Income Statement and Trial Balance can be printed out according to the selected currency.

Periodic Operations

MBWin facilitates periodic transactions such as interest accrual, report printing, processing of standing orders using the concept of cyclic phases: End-Of-Day, Start-of-Day, End-of-Month and End-of-Year.

Central Liability

This module is designed to consolidate all customer accounts into one data base to aid the bank in determining large credit risk exposure.

Customer Module

This module can handle extensive customer information including account and loan history. It also keeps information related to the account like guarantors, signatories and relationships between other customers.


MBWin Core Banking System Has Two Versions: Online Branch System and Centralized Database System.

Both are core banking software designed and developed to support financial institutions of different sizes ranging from small to large. To cater for this wide range of users, the system is highly scalable in terms of software and hardware platforms and modular in terms of applications and functionality. The Online Branch System which runs on an Online but Distributed Environment is highly recommended for smaller branch network institutions while the Centralized Database System is recommended for bigger multi-branch institutions. The MBWin Core Banking Solutions is known for its superb modules for Current Accounts, Savings Accounts, Time Deposits, Share Accounts, Loan Accounts, ATM transactions and Fingerprint Capture. Certainly, its excellent performance in banking makes it all worthwhile to know about its features.


This module provides comprehensive information about the customer: his accounts and his past loan history. It also maintains account relations and other contacts of the institution.

General Ledger

The general ledger module is integrated with the customer accounts part of the system. General ledger accounts are updated in two different ways, manually and automatically. The manual update is done real-time by the teller, who after building and approving a journal, chooses to update the GL accounts. An automatic update of GL accounts is performed by the system, without human intervention at the End-of-Day and End-of-Month.

Menu Structure

The system provides a classic windows menu structure as a set of speed buttons for access to the most common system functions.

Product Generator

It allows the user to set up and specify products without the need of re-programming source code.

Periodic Operations

MBWin handles a number of periodic operations, like interest accrual, report printing, processing of standing orders using the concept of cyclic phases – i.e. End-of-Day, End-of-Month, End-of-Session and End-of-Year.


It allows the use of up to three languages simultaneously for tellers, customers and for the reports.


The multicurrency module caters for customer accounts in multiple different currencies. Operations in each currency are handled in a separate MBWin system, but some of the information is shared. For example it is possible to view accounts of each client in all currencies. Balance Sheet, Income Statement and Trial Balance can be printed consolidated or by currency.

System Access Control

The system applies the concept of Teller Roles rather than levels. First roles are created and assigned appropriate functionalities, selectable based on the menu structure. Then tellers are assigned one or more roles to provide them access to the menu options they need. Only supervisors can set up the roles and create teller access, rights and restrictions. The access to the system is controlled by teller passwords which the tellers can be forced to change periodically by setting an expiry date.

The most powerful Core Banking system that can be used to dominate any market today is an application designed to be flexible enough to fit into any banking business and other financial institutions. It should be understood that internet and e-commerce have changed the way these organizations do business. The ideal core utility of any system should be useful today as it should be five or 10 years from now. MBWin System has got what it takes to keep up with the demand for a better banking service. It’s internet-ready. It is capable of viewing and printing reports. It is customizable.

Using an intelligent banking application simply boils down to producing relevant and timely statistics to support management decision-making, and often times that’s where MBWin scores the most.


In this busy world it is sometimes very difficult to keep one’s attention focused where it should be. But here at MBPhil we have figured out which ones are important to bankers.

Social Media

Social media sites offer a wide variety of services for everyone, especially for those in the banking business. The reason is that they serve as many things as possible. Among other things, they are monitoring stations which help bankers gather information on what their clients like or dislike.

Acquisition / Appointments

If you think only the biggest organizations should buy modern business machines and applications, send employees to training and hire key personnel, think again. There is no doubt that these three are essential elements of modern-day banking.


There’s no question that mobile applications are the applications of the future. Experts predict that within three years or maybe less mobile banking would change the game. It is estimated that by 2015 users of smart phones will increase at a rapid rate.

Core Replacement System

In order to keep up with all the changes in various channel activities particularly mobile banking, a reliable core system is a necessity.

Big Data

The increasing number of clients and their demands are putting pressure on banks to invest in operations research, statistics and computer programming. For without them it would be impossible to connect the customers to their money, which is actually the genius of modern day banking. In the present market, cross-selling and up-selling are becoming a mainstream.

Marketing Collaboration

It is expected that over the next three years a lot of collaboration between organizations will take place between organizations will take place along with innovation of application progarmming interface (API).

The main point here is to put priorities in proper perspective so that unnecessary spending will be avoided.

Rural Banking Has Changed And So Must The Old Banking System

MBPhil offers core banking systems that will help clients meet  market demands.

MBPhil offers core banking systems that will help clients meet market demands.

The future is now. Now is the best time to start working together to be in the place where we want to be.

It should be understood that we would like to shed light on what MBPhil is, its products and services, what they are designed for, so that rural banks will be able to suit their customers’ needs and to match their behavior. As we all know, technology changes practically everything, including the way people transact business with banks. Over the last three or four years, there has been a lot of changes in how rural bank clients behave.

Today, automated teller machine is absolutely not a luxury, and certainly neither are the features that MBv8 and MBWin offer. Interbranch Transaction System for instance comes in handy when transactions are made between two or more branches. The truth is that transactions are carried out this way almost every day in all regions of the country. Hence the need for this and all the other features is now constant.

Banking, whether it’s commercial or rural, is always about service. It’s about keeping people’s money and making them feel safe. While it sounds so simple, it’s not that easy. Perhaps the best way to deal with changes in banking is to set smart goals, write them out and be wise to know the difference between the old and the new, their benefits as you hit the road to success.

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